Movement Shiatsu Summer School
Liu Jing Chi Gung - Energy Movements for the Six Channels.
23-26th August 2012

Liu Jing Chi Gung

The Liu Jing are translated as the Six Channels or Six Phases. Each of these channels is a map of coordination through the whole body, showing how a chain of different anatomical structures work together to perform whole-body movements which form the foundation of every action.

These foundation movements are first learned as babies and provide the physical basis for our psychological experience, so they are in some deep sense, the bridge between mind and body.

This workshop a sequence of movements which connect and integrate the Six Channels and therefore integrate our mind and body. The movements come from traditions of Chi Gung and of Yantra Yoga but they are combined with detailed visualisation to develop the mind-body bridge.

Each of the meridians making up the six channels expresses itself in a particular quality of voice and we will be exploring and developing the energy of each channel through voicework.

In addition, we will also be doing plenty of hands on bodywork to release blockage to movement and to make the necessary physical connections for both the movement and voicework.

These movements form a beautiful and profound personal practice which integrate perfectly with the practice of Movement Shiatsu. This is the first workshop ever which is devoted top learning these movements in detail.

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